01SEP2022/ 1600 - 0400 Mega Golden Gate Flyout @KSFO

Ill take this gate

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You got it!!

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Glad to have two events sponsor!

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this is actually operated by Fiji Airways in a A333 and A332

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labor day is on the 5th not first

Can I change to an American A321 to KDFW please

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Yes you can!!

Thank you!

I assume you live in the SFO area, or do you just know a lot about SFO and its routes?

that is correct

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This flight starts up in September…

oops my bad lol

Can I switch to B18

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Let’s get some more signs ups!!

Can I please have
C9) Delta - (Salt Lake City SLC) A220-300

Of course you can!!

Let’s get some more signs ups!! Many gates and destinations to choose from