01SEP20/1400Z - Visiting the Slovak-Capital @ LZIB

Bratislava Flyout


Ahoj, vitaj na mojej udalosti na letisku v Bratislave!
Hello, and welcome to my Bratislava airport flyout!

Some information about Bratislava:
Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is set along the Danube River by the border with Austria and Hungary. It’s surrounded by vineyards and the Little Carpathian mountains, crisscrossed with forested hiking and cycling trails. The pedestrian-only, 18th-century old town is known for its lively bars and cafes. Perched atop a hill, the reconstructed Bratislava Castle overlooks old town and the Danube.
As mentioned above, Bratislava is situated on the Slovak-Austrian border. The city itself is only 55 Kilometres from Vienna (the Austrian capital). The airport is a ‘cheaper alternative’ for the Viennese people, hence the multiple low cost carriers and seasonal routes!



Server: Expert

Airport: M. R. Štefánik Airport (LZIB)

Date and time:


Terminal Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
04 A321-200 Wizz Air London Luton EGGW 2:10 @Johndavis10
05 737-800 Smartwings Corfu LGKR 1:20 @Charlieab29
06 737-800 Ryanair Birmingham EGBB 2:30 @Dang387
07 A321-200 Wizz Air Sofia LBSF 1:20 @F1PlayBG
08 737-800 Smartwings Rhodes LGRP 2:00 @Udeme_Ekpo
09 737-800 Smartwings Burgas LBBG 1:30 @Alexian61
10 A320-200 Wizz Air Kyiv UKKK 1:30
11 737-800 FlyDubai Dubai OMDB 5:00 @Infinite_Flight_Bra1
12 737-800 Ryanair Palma De Mallorca LEPA 2:30
13 737-800 Pobeda Moscow-Vnukovo UUWW 2:00 @Tsumia
Remote Stands
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
Remote 01 737-800 Ryanair Dublin EIDW 2:50 @Joshua_Mccabe
Remote 02 737-800 Ryanair Alghero LIEA 1:50 @NM100
Remote 03 A321-200 Wizz Air London Luton EGGW 2:10 @Kyle0705
Remote 31 737-800 Ryanair Manchester EGCC 2:30 @wujdtmann
Remote 32 737-800 Ryanair London Stansted EGSS 2:00 @Infiniteflightdeck
Remote 33 737-800 Jet2 (DR Route) Edinburgh EGPH 2:40
Remote 34 737-800 Ryanair Rome-Ciampino LIRA 2:00 @Gameboy_KIRB
Remote 35 A320-200 Wizz Air Skopje LWSK 2:00 @Igor_M
Remote 14 737-800 Corendon Antalya LTAI 1:50
Remote 15 737-800 Ryanair Thessaloniki LGTS 1:30 @JornGroen
Remote 18 737-800 Ryanair Paphos LCPH 2:30
General Aviation
Gate Aircraft Destination ICAO Attendee

You may change aircraft/airline/destination, the gates given are just a guide, and for anyone who does not want a specific flight

Rules and Reccomendations:

  • Participants must ensure they use Simbrief, or any other realistic flight plan generator to gather their flight plan.

  • Pilots are to maintain spacial awareness

  • If IFATC is present for the event, you are to follow all instructions given by the controller(s). I am not accountable for any reports/violations received during the event. Otherwise, respectfully use unicom.

  • Minimum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000 ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.

  • ALL attendees must use Runway 13/31 for departures

  • You are to enjoy yourself, and have a good time! ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!

Which City below does the Danube River NOT flow through?

  • Budapest
  • Linz
  • Belgrade
  • Prague

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Yes Please


I’ll take this, thanks! wouldve been way better with the actual livery infinite flight take notes lmao


@DanG387 All yours, see you there!

@Tsumia I agree, I hope it is added. I’m also flying the generic 737 to Corfu (should be smartwings livery) 😦 You’re signed up, enjoy!


Can I have this?


I’m not quite 100% sure if I will attend this event Charlie, because I will be in Poland at the time obviously

But is there a chance I can get put for standby for this gate?

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@Alexian61 I’ll sign you up, enjoy!

@Igor_M That’s fine, I’ll still sign you up anyway 😊

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Can I have remote stand 32 to EGSS, please

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Hey there! Could you sign me up for this one please?

Also, @Alexian61, great choice ;)

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You’re both signed up, see you there!

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Good event!

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Ill take this one please.


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Sure, enjoy the historic route which was operated in December a few years ago! Will be cool to have some jet2 colours there 🥳

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ill take the Dublin Route Charlie

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Could I have gate 04 to London Luton, Thanks

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You’re both signed up. See you there!

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Could I have remote stand 31 to Manchester, cheers

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