01OCT22 HUGE Washington Dulles Fly-Out @ KIAD

Welcome TO Your Next VirtualHome (1)

Our first sponsorship! FedExVA has been kind enough to agree in sponsoring this event! Welcome to the event FedEx Virtual.

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A little over 3 weeks until the event. Let’s get some sign ups!

Can I please get a FedEx cargo gate for MD-11F destination KMEM?

Hello, I am currently in the process with reserving cargo gates for FedEx VA, so unfortunately that gate will not be available. I will let you know further info when I have some.

I‘d like to claim this flight

Sure thing!

Would it be possible to sponcor this event?

On behalf of which VA?

No airline, but on behalf of one of my Events

How would you sponsor it?

You advertise my event on your thread and I’ll advertise yours on my event thread

I’ll take FedEx Apron 1, KIAD-KIND….Thanks

Hello. Are you a part of FedExVA?

May I switch to this please
D6 Orlando (KMCO) United 737-800 Available

D15 Rome (LIRF) United 787-9

Would this position be okay instead?

Could I take this fight! Thank you very much!

Yes indeed!

That works.

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Yep! No problem.

Thank you!