01OCT22 73rd Celebration of the Founding of the PRC | ZBAA flyout


Server: Expert Server

Airport: ZBAA

1.Listen to the IFATC instruction
2.We won’t be responsible for any violation that you got
3.Have fun
4.Be respectful to others
5.PLEASE sign up according to the real life airline distribution (Such as Air China goes to T3 China Eastern goes to T2)

ATC User
Beijing Capital ATIS @Potkukelkka
Beijing Capital Ground @Potkukelkka
Beijing Capital Tower @Potkukelkka
Beijing Departure @HenryD1
Terminal 3C(Domestic)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate 337
Gate 336
Gate 335
Gate 334
Gate 333
Gate 332
Gate 331
Gate 329
Gate 327
Gate 325
Gate 323
Gate 321
Gate 319
Terminal 3E(International, MC S.A.R, TW Province and HK S.A.R)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate 536 Air China 737-700 VMMC @zhuTwentySix
Gate 535 Cathay Pacific A330-300 VHHH @United403
Gate 534
Gate 533
Gate 532
Gate 531 Air China 747-8i VMMC @CORS2707
Gate 530 EVA Air 777-300ER RCTP @Frank_Dongdy
Gate 529 Air China A330-300 VMMC @felixcat
Gate 528
Gate 527
Gate 526 Air China A330-300 VMMC @B0826
Gate 525 Air Macau(Generic) A321 VMMC @ZH9507
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate 224 China Southern 757-200 VMMC @MasonJoe
Gate 223 Hainan Airline A330 VMMC @StevenXu
Gate 221 Hainan Airline A330 NZAA @CCH_real
Gate 220 Korean Air 777-300ER RKSI @Butter575
Gate 219
Gate 218
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Apron N2 N211 Fedex MD-11F RJTT @eliotp10
Apron N2 N210 Fedex 777F RKSI @Chris_Perez
Apron N2 N209 Fedex MD-11F RKSI @xrecus
Apron N2 N208 Fedex 777F VHHH @Kbeemer
Apron N2 N207 Fedex 777F RKSI @Stick_theLanding
Apron N2 N206 Fedex 777F PGUM @Jason_M
Apron N2 N205
Apron N2 N204
Apron N2 N203
Apron N2 N202

Thanks for sponsoring this event: @FedExVirtual


Callsign:Hainan 891 Heavy
Aircraft:Airbus 330
Parking Gate:T2 223

roger that! You are signed up!

where is your destination?

VMMC,Macau Airport

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roger that!

Gate 221_A333_Hainan 783 Heavy_NZAA please🥰

of course, you are signed up

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I’ll take this please
Cathay Pacific A330-300 to Hong Kong VHHH

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you are signed up! Welcome!

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See you there🥰

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Sorry just search the real world flight number.
Hainan 7931 Heavy will be the best.🙏

This is from FedExVG, I would like a gate for a MD11F.
Destination RJTT

Username: Frank_Dongdy
Callsign:EVA AIR 715
Parking Gate:T3C Gate 335
Destination: RCTP (Taipei Taoyuan)

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Good day!
I would like to request a FedEx Gate and destination is RKSI

You are signed up! Welcome to the event!

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Thx!Happy National Day!🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

hi Perez, what is your aircraft type?

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thanks for signing up!


Oh sorry haha B77F

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