01OCT22 | 1900zulu | The Atlantic [Air Show] @KNTU NAS Oceana

Hey everyone! I promised I’d be back hosting another amazing airshow with the release of the F18. So here you are, a lovely airshow to watch or compete in.

Credit: Jet Photos


Credit: Flight Aware

About Me

For the new B’s, my name is Brody. I’m a student pilot and have played infinite flight for almost 5 years. I created the first ever community airshow event and have been hosting them since. Please join this unique experience and evolve yourself into an aerobatic phenomenon!

Located in Virgina Beach Oceana Naval Air Station hosts one of the largest amount of F18 squadrens and has served as an airbase for over 80 years! It is located near the Atlantic Ocean and gives great access to anything to the East.

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Date & Time 2022-10-01T19:00:00Z2022-10-01T21:00:00Z

Where: KNTU (Oceana NAS Virginia)
Server: Casual

  • Spawn in at the correct time (see gate info)
  • There will be no ATC
  • Please be ready before the event
  • Follow all instructions given in order for this event to go well
  • If you are watching the Airshow you may NOT be in a plane bigger than A TBM
  • Spectators may only advance before or after event, this includes taxiing, taking-off, and landing.
  • Performers may only fly during their given time slot


To sign up say your group amount 1-4, then request a time slot during 1900-2100Zulu. You can do aerobatics for up to 20min (this may change). Then say the aircraft that will be used and I will give your group gates and more information. Also, make sure your aircraft chosen can fit at a gate. For Aircraft in the show, Any aircraft are acceptable

Aerobatic Groups that are signed up

See List
Group number Gate(s) Time Slot Pilot(s) in Group Plane(s) in group
1 Ordnance 1 1900-1910 @Jay_Jay_King A10
2 Ordnance 3 1910-1930 @Ken_wei F18
3 Ordnance 5 1930-1940 @MR.FOXY09 F18
4 Ordnance 7 1940-2000 @Jonathan_Tweedy F16
5 Ordnance 9 2000-2020 @WRizzJay F18
6 Ordnance 1 2000-2020 @AirCanada11 F18
7 Ordnance 3 2020-2040 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek A350
8 Ordnance 5 2040-3000 @FLIGHT_G_YT F22

Reserve list

Will fill spots of those who don’t make it to the event. Will have to present during the event and be ready for flight.

@Zigler_AviationYT Aircraft: C32
@Yukiros_31 Aircraft: F18
@InfiniteFlightNewark: Spitfire


If you would like to watch the air show you will be put in this list. You will be assigned a gate that you will stay at during the whole show.

See List
Gate Name
- @Dr3ambigg3r
- @OrGeorge

I recommend using an Xbox or ps controller. Watch the video below to see how to do that.

Controller Use and Connection Video

Thank you! I hope to see you there!!


Now open for signups

I’m back Might as well sign my self up again


I’ll take the A-10, time is up to you


Mark me down for Spectator please. Look forward to this event 🫡

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What plane will you be using?

Could my top gun team do a heritage flight with 1 F/A-18 and 1 Mustang? Time is up to you. Please DM me on discord if we can do it, my user is AviatorGriff#3502

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I can fly an F/A-18E VFA-31 demonstration. It shoud last about 20 min

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Is anytime ok?

4pm is best

may i please do a show in the F/A-18E maverick? im going to be doing flyovers and stuff inverted

also i would like to organise a missing man formation, i will be the one pulling away

@MR.FOXY09 please give the information below

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New Sign Ups ✅

@Ken_wei @Jay_Jay_King

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my group will be one and i would like 2000z please

actualy my I please join this one or have the one after?

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Yes, I can give you the next time slot

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New Sign Ups ✅


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@AirCanada11 if you want, you can always do the CF-18 demo here

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As NAS Oceana is home to our VFA-31 F-18E demo, is it possible for us to headline the show at NAS Oceana?