01OCT20 / 1400Z - Celebrating China's National Holiday with Air China Virtual @ZSPD to @ZBAA

Celebrate China’s National Holiday with Air China Virtual!

As the October month begins, come join us at CAVA to celebrate the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. Held every year since 1949 on October 1st, this day is to celebrate the food, music, and culture of the Chinese citizens commemorated since the proper founding of the nation in 1949.

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: ZSPD - Shanghai-Pudong

Arrival Airport: ZBAA - Beijing-Capital

Aircraft: Air China 737-700 “Peony”

Flight time: About 2 Hours and 5 Minutes

Event Date: 2020-10-01T14:00:00Z

Gate Member
Terminal 2 Gate 93 @JarrettFlies
Terminal 2 Gate 91 @RomeoStuff24
Terminal 2 Gate 89 @li7ing
Terminal 2 Gate 87 @Kyle0705
Terminal 2 Gate 85 @CrisYe
Terminal 2 Gate 83 @Hardlanding_Hussain
Terminal 2 Gate 81 @DorianTib
Terminal 2 Gate 79 @Finnishboy
Terminal 2 Gate 77 @Aviation3
Terminal 2 Gate 75 @MannyW
Terminal 2 Gate 73 @yoshi_flyer

More Gates will be added as members sign-up! We can have well over 50 people at the event ;)

Air China Virtual Airlines would like to thank our two Platinum Codeshare partners for supporting us on our National Holiday

United Virtual Airlines

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Now Over 55 Members Strong!

From flying the 737-700 up to Mongolia or the Queen of the Skies to Los Angeles, at Air China Virtual we tailor to whatever flight our pilots fancy. At Air China Virtual we don’t want our pilots to be stuck on regional routes. That’s why we have Long-Haul codeshares and Air China Cargo operations, the whole cargo fleet and route network unlocked immediately upon joining! Not enough? We offer over 3000 codeshare routes across all 6 inhabitable continents! Join today to go from China Today, The World, Tomorrow!

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Finnair Virtual is thrilled to be partnered with you on this event! Also, props to who made the event thread, because it looks stunning! 🤩

-Hussain A, CEO


I will take this kind sir.

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Amazing! Thank YOU Jarrett!
I’m in!

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Ill take this one please.


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I will take this one! CAVA104

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Sign me up! 🙃

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New Event Signups!

Thank you to everyone that has signed up for our event so far! The following people have been signed up:


Sign me up please 🙂

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Could I get a gate please? Thanks! I’m a AYVA member


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New Event Signups! Let’s keep them coming!

The following pilots will join us on this awesome flight!

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I’m in!
CAVA137 pls

Could I please get a gate 😁

New Event Signups!

The following pilots are now signed up!

Had a question: will you guys create a PM? I’m very forgetful and I don’t wanna miss 😂

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Yes Hussain! We will make a PM :)


Sounds Great JT :D

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