01NOV20 / 1400Z - Aeroflot Trip 2020 @EGLL

Aeroflot Virtual inviting you to join us Event!
A flight from London LHR to Moscow SVO

Server: Expert

Airport: EGLL Terminal 2

Arriving airport: UUEE Terminal F

Time: 1400Z

Aircraft’s: Airbus A330 / Airbus A350 / Boeing 77W
Only AFL Livery.

Gates Available:

Terminal F
Gate 231: Free
Gate 232: Free
Gate 233: Free
Gate 234: Free
Gate 235: Free
Gate 236: Free
Gate 237: Free
Gate 238: Free
Gate 239: Free
Gate 240: Free
Gate 241: Free


I cant join its wayyyy too early in the morning for me but ill notify some of the others in the VA about it.

ok thanks!

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