01MAY21 / 2000Z - Spring in Rose City! HS Graduation Flyout Series 1.1 @ KPDX

Welcome to the Spring in Rose City Flyout!

Server: Expert

Airport: KPDX

Time: 2000Z 2021-05-01T20:00:00Z

Welcome to the Spring in Rose City! Throughout the month of May, I will be making events every weekend, and this is the first of those events! I am doing this partially to signify my coming up to high school graduation and I hope with the 5 flyouts, you will celebrate with me! I have chosen PDX since I have always felt it is a nice unique airport that has some interesting qualities and destination about it! I hope you come and enjoy this event because it will 100% be a good one!

All expert server rules apply to this event, rulebreaking may result in you not being welcome at future events.

I hope you sign up and enjoy the event! Please consult the gate list below for sign ups. When you are ready to sign up, please reply to this post with the desired gate and I will sign you up as soon as I can!

Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A1 Alaska KRNO - Reno/Tahoe Q400
A2 Alaska KBIL - Billngs Q400
A3 Alaska KRDM - Redmond/Bend Q400
A4 Alaska KBOI - Boise Q400
A6 Alaska KSTS - Sonoma County Q400
A8 Alaska KMSO - Missoula Q400
A9 Alaska KGEG - Spokane Q400
A10 Alaska CYVR - Vancouver Q400
A11 Alaska KEUG - Eugene Q400
A12 Alaska KMFR - Medford Q400
A13 Alaska KBZN - Bozeman Q400 @Butter_Boi
A14 Alaska KFAT - Fresno Q400
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B1 Alaska MMSD - San Jose del Cabo 737-900ER
B2 Alaska KSNA - Santa Ana A320-200 @Jacob_Layton
B3A Alaska KABQ - Albuquerque A320-200
B3 Boutique Air KPDT - Pendleton TBM-930
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C1 Alaska KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 737-900ER @Butter1
C2 Alaska KMCO - Orlando 737-900ER
C3 Alaska PHNL - Honolulu 737-800
C4 Alaska PHOG - Kahului 737-800
C5 Alaska KDEN - Denver 737-800
C6 Alaska KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul A320-200
C7 Alaska PANC - Anchorage 737-800
C8 Alaska KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma A320-200
C9 Alaska KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom 737-900ER
C10 Alaska KSJC - San Jose (CA) A320-200
C11 Alaska KSAN - San Diego 737-900 @MJP_27
C12 Alaska KSFO - San Francisco A320-200
C13 Alaska KLAX - Los Angeles 737-900ER
C14 Alaska KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 737-900ER @ButterAllDay
C15 Alaska KLAS - Las Vegas 737-900ER @Antoniobig25
C16 Alaska KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-900ER
C17 American KCLT - Charlotte A321-200
C18 Alaska KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth 737-900ER @NathanD
C19 American KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 737-800 @ButterAllDay
C20 Alaska KDCA - Washington-National 737-800
C21 American KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth 737-800
C22 American KLAX - Los Angeles CRJ-700
C23 American KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor A321-200
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
D1 Delta KLAX - Los Angeles A319-100
D2 WestJet Encore CYYC - Calgary Q400
D3 Delta KSLC - Salt Lake City 737-900ER
D4 JetBlue KJFK - New York-JFK A320-200
D5 Delta KDTW - Detroit 737-900ER
D6 Frontier KDEN - Denver A321-200 @Ezzie
D7 Delta KATL - Atlanta 737-900ER
D8 Hawaiian PHOG - Kahului A321-200 (generic)
D9 Delta KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
D10 Volaris MMGL - Guadalajara A319-100
D11 Delta RJTT - Tokyo-Haneda A330-300 @Adrian_K
D12 Hawaiian PHNL - Honolulu 767-300
D13 Delta KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul 757-200 @KDEN
D14 Icelandair BIKF - Reykjavik-Keflavik 757-200 @andrewsaviation91
D14A Delta KJFK - New York-JFK 737-900ER
D15 Delta EHAM - Amsterdam A330-300 @MainSky
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
E1 United KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental A320-200
E2 United KSFO - San Francisco A320-200
E3 United KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 737-900ER @Jackz_YT
E4 United KDEN - Denver 737-900ER @Pilot_Felix
NR1 United KEWR - Newark 737-800
NR1 United KIAD - Washington-Dulles A320-200
NR3 Spirit KLAS - Las Vegas A321-200 @Dylan.Winklosky
NR4 Southwest KSMF - Sacramento 737-700
NR5A Southwest KMDW - Chicago-Midway 737-700
NR5C Southwest KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-800 @zion89
NR7A Southwest KOAK - Oakland 737-700
NR8A Air Canada Rouge CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson A319-100
NR9 Air Canada Express CYVR - Vancouver Q400
NR10 Air Canada Express CYYC - Calgary Q400
NRH6 Allegiant KSMX - Santa Maria A320-200 @highclouds
South Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 UPS KORD - Chicago-O’Hare MD-11F
2 UPS KRFD - Chicago-Rockford MD-11F
3 UPS KSBD - San Bernardino MD-11F
4 UPS KICT - Wichita-Eisenhower MD-11F
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 FedEx KAFW - Fort Worth/Alliance MD-11F
2 FedEx KOAK - Oakland MD-11F
3 FedEx KIND - Indianapolis DC-10F
4 FedEx KMEM - Memphis MD-11F
5 FedEx KMFR - Medford C208
6 FedEx KOTH - North Bend/Coos Bay C208
7 FedEx KRDM - Redmond/Bend C208
8 Martinaire KEUG - Eugene C208
9 FedEx KLMT - Klamath Falls C208
10 FedEx KSLE - Salem C208
11 FedEx KCVO - Corvallis C208
12 FedEx KONP - Newport C208
13 FedEx KRBG - Roseburg C208
14 FedEx KLAX - Los Angeles MD-11F
DHL Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 DHL CYVR - Vancouver 777F
2 DHL KLAX - Los Angeles 777F
2A DHL KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 777F
3 Cathay Pacific KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 747-400
5 Cathay Pacific VHHH via PANC 747-400
General South Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 UPS KFAR - Fargo MD-11F
2 UPS KBFI - Seattle-Boeing MD-11F
3 UPS PANC - Anchorage A330-200F

Photo Credit: Herve Bouillonnec, Breaking News

Please let me know if you have any questions!

See you there!

@Bren_McDonell - Event Host


really well done, I hope this blows up!!!

I can’t decide from now if I can attend or not, because its in 1 month, I hope I can!!!


This gate please, thanks!

Certainly! See you there!

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I’ll take this one Bren from the Apple Country to the Twin Cities!

Nice! See you there!

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I could use a trip to Bozeman. Can I have this gate please?

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Mhm! See you there!

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Can I have this gate

Mhm! See you there!

Can I get an ASA A320 gate to SNA?

Yes! Gate B2

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Alright thanks!

This looks awesome! best of luck to your future life.

I’d love to have this if possible. D14 Icelandair BIKF - Reykjavik-Keflavik 757-200

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You May! See you there!

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Gate E4 please!

Could I please have gate C18 to Dallas?

I’ll take this gate

Oh damn, somebody beat me to it. Stand by!

Dibs on D6!