01JUN21/1800Z - Croatia IFATC Takeover [FINISHED]

source: Shutterstock (Hvar, Croatia)

Welcome to the Croatia IFATC Takeover!

IFATC members will staff the following airports and frequencies from 2021-06-01T18:00:00Z to 2021-06-01T20:00:00Z on the Expert server:

🇭🇷 Brac (BWK/LDSB) - tower, approach
Position Frequency Controller
Tower 118.02 @Jakub_Astary
Approach 120.55 @Jakub_Astary
Runway in use: 04
Largest aircraft: A319/B737
Recommended route: Zagreb - Brac, Croatia DH8D, flight time 40 minutes
🇭🇷 Zagreb (ZAG/LDZA) - tower, ground, ATIS, approach
Position Frequency Controller
ATIS 124.57 @AviatorAlex
Ground 121.85 @AviatorAlex
Tower 118.30 @AviatorAlex
Approach 120.55 @Sebastien_Cartier
Runway in use: 04
Largest aircraft: A380
Recommended route: Dubrovnik - Zagreb, Croatia A319, flight time 45 minutes
🇭🇷 Dubrovnik (DBV/LDDU) - tower, ATIS
Position Frequency Controller
ATIS 118.42 @Speedbird222
Tower 129.50 @Speedbird222
Approach 123.60 -
Runway in use: 29
Largest aircraft: B748
Recommended route: Zagreb - Dubrovnik, Croatia A319, flight time 45 minutes
🇭🇷 Split (SPU/LDSP) - tower, ATIS
Position Frequency Controller
ATIS 128.68 @Baba
Tower 124.68 @Baba
Approach 120.88 -
Runway in use: 23
Largest aircraft: A330/B767
Recommended route: Zagreb - Split, Croatia A319, flight time 40 minutes
🇭🇷 Zadar (ZAD/LDZD) - unstaffed
Position Frequency Controller
Tower 123.70 -
Approach 118.60 -
🇭🇷 Rijeka (RJK/LDRI) - unstaffed
Position Frequency Controller
Tower 119.00 -
Approach 119.00 -
🇭🇷 Pula (PUY/LDPL) - unstaffed
Position Frequency Controller
Tower 127.67 -
Approach 124.60 -
🇭🇷 Osijek (OSI/LDOS) - unstaffed
Position Frequency Controller
Tower 128.80 -
Approach 120.15 -

🇭🇷 Center (acting as approach for all airports without a radar controller):

Position Frequency Controller
ZAGREB 127.00 @Jakub_Astary
SARAJEVO 128.00 @Jakub_Astary

Join us and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Croatia with ATC service! Whether you want to fly short domestic routes or longer international ones, we got you covered!


Here are some of the routes that we recommend you to fly:

Route Airline Aircraft Flight time
Zagreb - Brac Croatia Airlines DH8D 0:40h
Zagreb - Dubrovnik Croatia Airlines A319 0:45h
Geneva - Dubrovnik EasyJet A320 1:30h
Rome FCO - Dubrovnik Wizz Air A321 0:50h
London LGW - Dubrovnik EasyJet A319/A320 2:20h
Vienna - Zagreb Croatia Airlines DH8D 0:40h
Istanbul - Zagreb Turkish Airlines A321 1:40h
Munich - Split Croatia Airlines DH8D 1:10h
Katowice - Split Wizz Air A320/A321 1:10h
Dusseldorf - Rijeka Eurowings A319/A320 1:20h
Zadar - Pula Croatia Airlines DH8D 0:20h
Zagreb - Zadar Croatia Airlines DH8D 0:30h
Krakow - Zadar Ryanair B738 1:20h

Let us know which routes you want to try out!

Wizz Air Virtual pilots will get a 1.5x multiplier for flying into or out of Croatia! If you’re interested in joining and discovering more stunning destinations like this, you can learn more about the VA here: Wizzair Virtual | Wizz Through The Skies | Official Thread

If you’re an IFATC controller and you’d like to grab a frequency, either respond below or send me or @Sebastien_Cartier a message and we’ll add you to the list!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


This at Split is possible to take ?

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Sure, it’s yours! Thanks for joining.

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Thanks for having me, anytime!

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I hope to be there and fly a couple of the Croatia Airlines routes 😊

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Hey is it possible for me to do Dubrovnik to Gatwick instead of Gatwick to Dubrovnik? Thanks!

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Sure, you can fly any route you want. See you there!

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We’re starting in 3 hours, hope to see you in Croatia!

Yep, Croatia229 has a flight planned from Brac to Zagreb, and hopefully the return as well 😉


We’re going live in 5 minutes, don’t hesitate to fly in or out ! See you there :)

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Thanks to all the controllers for providing a smooth ride for Croatia229 😊. Your radar assistance saved the company a little bit of fuel cost as well!


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We’re closed. Thanks everyone for coming and see you next time!


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