01JUN20 / 2300Z New Zealand fly-to @YSSY

Summary: we are flying across the water from YSSY-NZAA

Server: *Training

Airport: *YSSY

Time: 2300Z

We are going from YSSY-NZAA, Air New Zealand A320
Have 12,000 Kg of fuel
Take this flight plan: YSSY SYDNM SSYEH SYDNH 3528S/15326E TONIM 37S63 LUNBI 3709S/17320E AA514 TOONA GITUK AA511 ORESO NZAA

Cruse at FL350 at Mach.78
Clime and decend at you discretion
And we will all spawn at this terminalimage|409x600
Here is the gate list
Gate 1-06: @CaptainAzriq
Gate 1-08: @FLIGHT2
Gate 1-11: @Infinite_Pro
Gate 1-09:
Gate 1-10: @Pilot_Felix
Gate 1-31:
Gate 1-32:
Gate 1-33:
Gate 1-37:
Gate 1-36:
Gate 1-51:
Gate 1-53:
Gate 1-50:
more gates will be added if we get a full house =)

Oh, Dublin airport thing at the bottom, ignore that

i think i can come


Where is the gates list? You need to gave a gates list

No list, just spawn Somewhere in the terminal


But if you want, I can add one @Cpt_Zorndy

^^, well I’m pretty sure you have to

I will do that, in the meantime, would you like to fly with me?

I would but i ain’t free on that day, also as a realism thing, you could possibly add a 772 into the list of aircraft as Air New Zealand also fly that there

typically for events you put in gates for what airline/ route/ aircraft/ gate so it keeps everything in order and neat. :)

Ok, I got that done @Ross
and I added the gates

Will you like to fly with me? @Ross

Ok that is ok :) how ever, if 20.1 is not out by June 1st the event will get postponed untill 20.1 @Cpt_Zorndy

I cant. I have an event with my virtual airline that day.

Ok! Would you like me to sign you up? @Populeux_Music

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Yes, but i may or may not. For now you can sign me up

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You are in!

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hey i feel bad for you as not much people are joining but i think my schedule is full so sorry. but ill support you

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Thank you! I hope in the next few days more people will sign up

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