01JUL23 | Bridgetown Flyout |1600Z

I’ll sign you up :)

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Gate 16 is taken

You haven’t switched my aircraft

Thanks for reminding me

I will hopefully be Expert server when this event comes, if possible could you reserve a gate for me?

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Sure! Just tell me which one :)

Jetblue a321 to Boston gate 10

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Don’t mind me taking American B737-800 to Miami, gate 15

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Of course all

hey uh i dont think you signed me up and i asked for a gate

Oh crap! So sorry

dont worry its fine

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@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek @Crunchymonkey12345 asked for the 787-9 going to glasgow too btw

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I am really juggling with so many events 🤣

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no problem i gave some time but forgot about this event till i saw it again and was going to request a gate but i already requested one so i thought i should just let you know 🤣🤣

Time to catch up on some sign up’s

I’ll take any gate available right now, flying a 787 or 330

I’ll see what I can do

can i change to a WestJet B737-800, following our CEO @Flyin.Hawaiian to YYZ

Roger that