01JUL23 | Bridgetown Flyout |1600Z

Join me and @United403 as we fill up Bridgetown Barbados!

Server: Expert
Date: July 1st, 2023
Airport: TGPB

Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
07 United 737-800 Washington
08 TUI 787-9 Glasgow
09 TUI 787-9 Birmingham
10 JetBlue A321 Boston
11 JetBlue A321 New York
12 Westjet 737-800 Toronto
13 Caribbean 737-800 Kingston
14 American 737-800 Miami
15 American 737-800 Miami
16 Westjet 737-800 Toronto
17 Air Canada 787-9 Toronto
18 KLM A330-300 Amsterdam
19 Aer Lingus A330-300 Manchester
20 Virgin Atlantic A330-300 Manchester
21 British Airways 777-200 Gatwick
22 TUI 787-9 Gatwick

Piarco Center:

  1. Me and @United403 are NOT responsible for any violations.
  2. Follow all IFATC instructions if they are present
  3. If IFATC isn’t present, use Unicom correctly.

I’ll take this gate please

Sounds great :)

Before they all go

You’re signed up!


Signing you up

Can you switch it to this instead please?

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Of course!

you know the drill

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You wanna change to a Westjet 😉

good call, WJVA001 will be there

Me please 😀

Can I have the one going to london Gatwick

I’ll take this please

Signing y’all up!

Actually can i have the aircraft for my route changes to a tui 787-9

I’ll take this

this one mine pls

omg thanks for doing my country ^^

ill take gate 16

p.s, gates 1-10 are used for regional flights around the caribbean

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