01JUL21 / 1800 - US East Takeover: Windy City Express

Hello Pilots of Infinite Flight!

The US East IFATC Team would like to welcome another of our weekly US East Takeovers! We decided to stick with Thursday at 1800Z until around 2000Z for the foreseeable future, but it is still likely to change. Just a quick update, now off to the Midwest where we host this weeks event.

Credits: @Andy_R

This week we go back inland into the Midwest where we go to the Windy City. Hopefully the wind isn’t too bad, but we cannot guarantee. Most routes are an hour or less in length so full ATC coverage should be available and a majority are flown by American and United regional jets. The only reason to worry would be the long lines in the sky!


KORD (Chicago, Illinois)

One of the busiest airports in the world, Chicago is known for their long lines in the sky. Located in the center of all the other airports, Chicago is the place to be. When on the ground, go grab yourself a piece of deep dish pizza.

More about this airport

KMKE (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

More about this airport

KSBN (South Bend, Indiana)

More about this airport

KMKG (Muskegon, Michigan)

More about this airport

KSTL (St. Louis, Missouri)

More about this airport

KMLI (Moline, Illinois)

More about this airport



Ground: @Noah_Hunt
Tower: @Noah_Hunt
ATIS: @Noah_Hunt
Approach: @Rhys_V
Departure: @Rhys_V

Ground: @AviationReports until 1915Z
Tower: @AviationReports until 1915Z
ATIS: @AviationReports until 1915Z
Approach: @AviationReports until 1915Z
Departure: @AviationReports until 1915Z



Ground: @Suhas
Tower: @Suhas
ATIS: @Suhas
Approach: @Nee
Departure: @Nee

Ground: @Tajay
Tower: @Tajay
ATIS: @Tajay
Approach: @Saharsh

Various Centers
Chicago: @Chris_Hoover
Cleveland: @Chris_Hoover
Kansas City: @Yacht
Indianapolis: @Yacht
Minneapolis: @Aceorbit

Recommended Routes

Route Airline Aircraft Length(Time)
KORD-KMKG United Express CRJ-200 0:30
KORD-KSTL American Eagle CRJ-700 1:00
KCLT-KORD American Airlines 737-800 1:30
KORD-KMKE United Express CRJ-200 0:20
KMKE-KMSP Delta Connection CRJ-900 1:00
KIND-KSBN FedEx Feeder C208 1:00
KLIT-KSTL Southwest Airlines 737-800 0:45
KSTL-KATL Delta 737-800/900 1:15
KMKE-KSTL Southwest Airlines 737-700 1:00
KMLI-KEGE Private C750 2:00

This event is run by IFATC, specifically the US East Team. Please tag @AviationReports in the US East channel if you would like to join. As for pilots, thanks for joining, we cannot wait to see you in the Windy City! Logo in the banner is approved by Tyler


Definitely the best type of pizza to exist


Negative - NY Slice all day.

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if you say so

The STL-ATL route is operated by the Delta B737-900 not the B737-800

Can I KMKE-KBWI-KMDW Southwest 737-800!?!? Please and thanks

It is operated by both. Again, just recommended, so feel free to change it up as needed.

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You can do whatever you wish. No ones gonna stop ya.

Roger thanks

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Oh ok, @AviationReports. Thank You because I saw that on Flightaware for that STL-ATL route as Delta 2593 and it is operated by the B737-900. But I am doing that as my virtual trip.

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This should be retitled Midwest Takeover or Just Windy City Express.

Chicago is not quite the US East. :D

Still run by the US East Region of IFATC. We can go more West if you want :)

Finally! The Midwest getting some recognition lol.

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Any gates sgin up

If I see any unrealistic flights I’m reporting kids

Jkjk but for my sake pleaseeeee so realistic routes with

Chicago is east coast in my books 😤

No gate signup. Just IFATC coming together to staff select airports to help build traffic. While there aren’t gate signup, we do recommend using the routes above.


You bet your buns ill be there. 2 days before my birthday.

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Hopefully we’ll see a few of you folks flying in ZMP tomorrow! Would love to see everyone stop by at MSP!

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Sign me up pls

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