01JUL20 / 1830Z - Let’s Fly Transatlantic: KLM Feature @ EHAM to CYUL

Let’s Fly Transatlantic: KLM Feature

  • Aircraft and Livery: KLM 787-9, KLM B772 & KLM MD-11

  • Route: EHAM-CYUL (Amsterdam to Montreal)

  • Time of Departure: 2020-07-01T18:30:00Z. Flight time is approximately 6 hours 30 minutes.

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Please let me know if you will be flying with us below. No gate signups will be allowed as to adhere with group-flight rules. Gate assignments will be sent out via PM.

Here is a list of the people flying with us:

Attendees (7)

Departing in 1 hour!

I’m flying!

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I wish I could join! But I can’t! Sorry!

Btw your title should say 01JUL20 😉

Great, we’ll see you there @Carolina_Taylor!

@MJP_27, hope to see you in a future flight! Thank you for the catch, & thank you so much @Thunderbolt for fixing it while I was away. I appreciate it :)

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Are we responsible for our fpls? @ran

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No, I’ll be creating one for the flight :)

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I’m down

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Oh okay cool.

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I’ll add you as well :)

I can escort everyone! But I can’t fly the whole flight

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Great @MJP_27, I’ll add you to the list as well with a note!

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What runway are we using?

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