01JAN23 Alaska Horizon Q400 Retirement Sendoff @KPDX

Currently N447QX, the specific Horizon Q400 that the one in IF is based on, has yet to be sent to the desert and is so far still flying for the airline today


About a month and a half to go! Let’s get some signups!

C1 please im going to boise

This isn’t a flyout. It is a group flight

The send off is KPDX-KSEA, from there you can go to Boise but the main event here is a group flight on the mentioned PDX-SEA route

Would you still like a gate or no?

Still interested in a gate, even if it’s not a flyout?

Let’s get some signups for one of the last widespread passenger turbo prop fleets in the US!

Its so sad. I’m glad I could fly on such a interesting plane…fr lol.

I would love to join! Can you sign me up for gate C9?

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Hey! Nice event, would like to take GTS if possible.

-IFATC Specialist AVMEX

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And GTS can be yours!

It is. I’ve been on it twice not knowing it’d be my second to last and last times

If it’s ok with you I’d rather get you in for C1, since it’s closer to the rest of the claimed gates

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Ye sure thats oke too!

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Alright, I’ll get you down shortly!

Event boost as the retirement month nears

I’ll take this

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Alright I’ve got you down for C3

I’m from Portland so I know the Q400 well

So do you want a gate?

I’m not in expert yet got 20 more landing