01JAN23 Alaska Horizon Q400 Retirement Sendoff @KPDX

Hello there!

A few months back, Alaska Air Group had announced by the end of Q1 2023 its DASH8 Q400 fleet will be retired, making Alaska Horizon an all jet fleet of E175s. Many sources I’ve seen are pointing to January 2023 as the final month of in service operations for the Q400s.

So after countless years of them humming overhead around the Pacific Northwest and a slightly outside of it, I thought we should give them a send off of sorts. That’ll be in the form of a massive Q400 flyout from Seattle.

So why’d I pick the 1st of January? Because I don’t know specifically when, so I’m putting it right at the start of the year.

Further Event Details

Time: 2000z
Where: KPDX
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Dash8 Q400
Livery: Horizon (it’s not listed as Alaska, or Alaska Horizon, just listed simply as Horizon)

The Route

We’ll be flying from Portland (KPDX) up to Seattle (KSEA), as both airports are large and close together as well as being big in Alaska Horizon’s Q400 network.
The FPL will be made the day of, since whenever this is posted will likely be too far out to have an accurate FPL.


Why gates for an event like this? It’s just so there’s no conflict over who gets what spot and no one’s having issues spawning in on each other.

A1 : @AIDAN101
A2 : @United403
A3 : @Butter575
A4 : @EUG_Aviation
A6 : @flyin_hawaiian
A9 : @Generic_Flyer
A10 : @Apple_Haye
A11 : @AlaskaAirlines_17
A12 : @AirCanada11
A13 : @CaptainE
A14 : @EnthusiasticAviation
B3 : @j_asonalk
B2 : @AviationPhu
B1 : @Michael_Czyz
C1 : @Topgottem
C3 : @JMacMcd
C5 : @Avgeek1
C7 : @Qatari777YT
C9 : Unclaimed
C11 : Unclaimed
C13 : Unclaimed
C15 : Unclaimed
C17 : Unclaimed
C19 : Unclaimed
C21 : Unclaimed
C23 : Unclaimed

yes those are in order


Ground: @AVMEX
Tower: @AVMEX
Approach: None
Departure: None
Center: None



-pictures/screenshots were taken by me, that’s why there isn’t any credit underneath the photos, because i gave myself permission to use my own photos.
-I am not responsible for violations achieved during the event.
-If ATC can’t be acquired, then use Unicom respectfully and wisely.
-pretty important, and once again, the livery is listed as “Horizon” I’ve seen people have trouble finding it since they’re looking for “Alaska”


~If there’s any mis-formatting, do let me know and i can try and fix it~

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This please

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Sign me up


ALright, you’re signed up!

and you’ve also been signed up (at A3, due to no specified gate and it was the next unoccupied gate)!

Let’s get some signups!

Could I get a gate

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Iʻll take this! I might only be able to depart due to me having to be on the way/be at the airport during said time. Iʻll be on the east coast. (Yes I know I booked my flight for 7:15 AM)

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Yes, yes you can and I’ll get you down for one shortly!

I can get you down for the unclaimed gate

From what i can tell, you’re saying you might fly while you yourself are airborne in real life?

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Yep! Doing it on my second leg too, that one is a long haul 🫣

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Ok @EUG_Aviation and @flyin_hawaiian you two are both in!

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Seems good.

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and you’ve got A9 under your name!

Thanks very much!

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No problem!

I have to join this historic event

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Sign me up for any gate

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I’l take this please

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Alright @Apple_Haye, @harrisonsauter111 and @AirCanada11 I have all three of you down!