01JAN22 / 1700Z - Welcome to 2022 @ KTPA

It’s that time of year, The 1st day of the year that is. And I welcome you to Tampa, Florida! A place I recently visited and I spread the greatness of this airport. TPA was by far my favorite and cleanest airport I’ve visited. And with the introduction of the A220-300 to Infinite Flight, Breeze has planned to start service with their A223 out of Tampa to multiple routes and locations!

Tampa has always been a growing city and popular tourist destination being just 15 minutes away from Busch Gardens, 30 minutes away from Clearwater Beach, and an hour an a half from Disney World. It’s a growing airport and receives service from various operators along with quite some international operators. (Some which are temporarily suspended).

Date & Time: 2022-01-01T17:00:00Z
Airport: Tampa International Airport // KTPA
Server: Expert Server


  • Please spawn in your assigned / requested gate, if it’s taken, let me know and i’ll be happy to reassign you a gate.
  • In the event that IFATC is active, please follow all of their instructions, I am not responsible for any reports that will be given.
  • To organize traffic flow, I am going to highly recommend using one of the several SIDs on your departure. For more information on what this is, click here.

This is the list of aircraft replacements, meaning aircraft that are not in Infinite Flight so the substitute aircraft will takeover. Any JetBlue A223/BCS3 route can be replaced by an A320 (as it was originally) by request.

Airline & Aircraft Substitution
Silver Airways ATR72/46 Generic Q-400
JetBlue Airways A223/BCS3 JetBlue Airways A320
Spirit Airlines A319 Spirit Airlines A320
Cayman Airlines B38M Generic B738
FedEx B763F FedEx MD-11F
FedEx A300F FedEx MD-11F
Prime Air B763F Generic B763
Prime Air B738BDSF Generic B738

Airside A

Built in 1995. It houses gates for JetBlue, Silver Airways, Spirit, and United.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate A01 Silver Airways DHC8 KEYW @Toukaneki
Gate A02 Silver Airways DHC8 KFLL -
Gate A03 United Airlines B738 KIAD -
Gate A04 United Airlines B739 KDEN -
Gate A05 United Airlines B738 KEWR @Parin_Patel
Gate A05 United Airlines A320 KORD -
Gate A06 United Airlines B739 KIAH -
Gate A07 United Airlines B738 KCLE -
Gate A08 United Airlines B738 KSFO -
Gate A09 United Airlines B737 KIAD -
Gate A10 JetBlue Airways BCS3 KBOS @ItsBlitz
Gate A11 JetBlue Airways BCS3 KBOS @lucaviness
Gate A12 JetBlue Airways BCS3 KLGA @DimitriB
Gate A13 JetBlue Airways BCS3 KJFK @ILOVE7879-2.0
Gate A14 JetBlue Airways BCS3 TJSJ @JetBlue_48_DJT
Gate A15 Spirit Airlines A320 KPIT -
Gate A16 Spirit Airlines A320 KDFW -
Gate A17 Spirit Airlines A320 KACY -
Gate A18 Spirit Airlines A320 KCAK -

Airside C

Built in 2005. It houses gates for Alaska, Breeze, Sun Country, and Southwest Airlines.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate C30 Southwest Airlines B737 KMCI -
Gate C31 Southwest Airlines B737 KDAL -
Gate C32 Southwest Airlines B738 KBUF @MJP_27
Gate C33 Southwest Airlines B737 KATL -
Gate C34 Southwest Airlines B738 KPVD -
Gate C35 Southwest Airlines B737 KLGA -
Gate C36 Southwest Airlines B738 KDEN -
Gate C37 Southwest Airlines B738 KLAS -
Gate C38 Southwest Airlines B738 KPHX -
Gate C39 Southwest Airlines B737 KSTL -
Gate C40 Southwest Airlines B738 KHOU @Mollel.kid
Gate C41 Breeze Airways BCS3 KTUL @Brandon_Biaesch
Gate C42 Breeze Airways BCS3 KCHS @TheGynSpotter
Gate C43 Breeze Airways BCS3 KTUL @SWA1997
Gate C44 Breeze Airways BCS3 KXNA @IF_KGRR
Gate C45 Breeze Airways BCS3 KRIC @ButterAllDay

Airside E

Built in 2002. It houses gates for Delta, Air Canada, Frontier, and WestJet.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate E62 Delta Airlines BCS3 KATL @Golf_HR
Gate E64 Delta Airlines B739 KLAX -
Gate E65 Delta Airlines B752 KATL @Yanis_ElKfel_Coulon
Gate E66 Delta Airlines B738 KSEA -
Gate E67 Delta Airlines B752 KATL @AviationJack
Gate E68 Delta Airlines B738 KJFK -
Gate E69 Delta Airlines A320 KLGA -
Gate E70 Delta Airlines A321 KDTW -
Gate E71 Delta Airlines A319 KRDU -
Gate E72 Air Canada A321 CYYZ -
Gate E73 Frontier Airlines A320 KCLE -
Gate E74 Frontier Airlines A320 KISP @RTG113
Gate E75 Frontier Airlines A320 KPHL -

Airside F

Built in 1987. It houses gates for American, British Airways, Cayman Airways, Copa Airlines, Edelweiss Air, and Lufthansa along with all other international routes by JetBlue.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate F78 American Airlines B738 KCLT @AlaskaAirlines_17
Gate F79 American Airlines A321 KDFW -
Gate F80 American Airlines B738 KPHL -
Gate F81 American Airlines B738 KMIA @Lachlanavitor
Gate F82 American Airlines A321 KPHX -
Gate F83 American Airlines B738 KDCA -
Gate F84 JetBlue Airways A320 MMUN -
Gate F85 Copa Airlines B738 MPTO -
Gate F86 WestJet B737 CYYZ -
Gate F87 Cayman Airlines B738 MWCR @Tom_Jennings
Gate F88 Edelweiss Air A333 LSZH -
Gate F90W British Airways B772 EGKK -


The current cargo operators to TPA include FedEx, UPS, and Prime Air.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo Apron 01 FedEx MD11F KMEM -
Cargo Apron 02 FedEx MD11F KIND -
Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD11F KMEM -
Cargo Apron 04 FedEx MD11F KIND -
Cargo Apron 05 FedEx MD11F KMEM -
Cargo Apron 06 FedEx MD11F KIND -
Cargo Apron 07 FedEx MD11F KMCO -
Hardstand D57 UPS MD11F KSDF -
Hardstand 47 UPS MD11F KMCO -
Hardstand 48 UPS MD11F KPHL -
Hardstand 49 UPS MD11F KMCO -
Hardstand 50 UPS MD11F KDFW @KSM_King_Storm
Hardstand 51 UPS MD11F KSDF -
Hardstand 52B Prime Air B763 TJSJ -
Hardstand 53 Prime Air B763 KILN -
Hardstand 54B Prime Air B763 KCVG -
Hardstand 55 Prime Air B763 KCVG -
Hardstand 56 Prime Air B763 KAFW -
Hardstand 57 UPS MD11F KPBI -
Hardstand 58 UPS MD11F KPHL -

In terms of General Aviation and Private, the ramp for this is on the southeastern part of the airport. I will not be assigning these so feel free to fly out of this ramp to any destination!

And of course, If you’d like to change your route / aircraft, let me know and i’ll see if it’s eligible! Have fun :)


too happy about this, all take this bad boy!

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ill take this but to isp

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Gate A11 please, thanks Kam! Looking forward to this.

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yes please

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@lucaviness @ILOVE7879-2.0 @IF_KGRR @RTG113

All have been added, great to have you guys aboard for the event :)


Hi! Can I have Gate C42 to Charleston please?

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ill take this one

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I would like this one pls

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I’ll take this please!

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@DimitriB @Tom_Jennings @SWA1997 @TheGynSpotter

You guys are also added! Appreciate the attendance :)

I’ll take this one please!

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I’ll gladly take this!

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Can I get this one with the A220 please?

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Not a problem!

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Can I take Gate A14 to San Juan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻JetBlue

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Could I take this one?

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Can I have @SWA1997 route but on this gate since all the other gates for The a220 are taken


You want to travel with me? @Aviatorwyatt

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Roger, You’re in along with @Lachlanavitor!

FYI, you can replace any of the Southwest gates (starting from C40) with any breeze route. Same goes for JetBlue for Spirit Airlines. I know there’s a high demand for these A223 routes hence why I’m gonna allow this.