01AUG23 / 1130Z - Fly Across the Yangtze @ZSPD to ZUCK

Welcome to my event “Fly Across the Yangtze”. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to experience the allure of flying. You can fly any aircraft you like, soaring from the bustling city of Shanghai, traversing the vast landscapes of China, and ultimately arriving in the magnificent city of Chongqing. Hope you guys like it!

  • Server: Expert Server
    Make sure that you are a G3 (or up) pilot!

  • Time: 2023-08-01T11:30:00Z2023-08-01T13:30:00Z
    Please spawn in gate at 2023-08-01T11:10:00Z

  • Route: ZSPD → ZUCK > Shanghai to Chongqing <

  • Expected Flight Time: 2h
    Please anticipate possible delays due to the high volume of flights.

  • Aircraft: No restriction but must comply with livery restrictions

  • Livery Restricted: Local Chinese airlines

Please click the box below to sign up, much appreciated!

After submitting the form, please react ‘Going’ in the box below👇

Terminal 1

China Eastern Flights Only.

Gate Pilot Signup ways
Gate 6 @Simon_Guo1 VO1 Reserved
Gate 7 @Eric.mekie VO1 Reserved
Gate 8 @JiamingL VO1 Reserved
Gate 9 @Eternity Public
Gate 10 @PSTweeee Public
Gate 11 @BLee Public
Gate 12 @Misaka_BerryXu Public
Gate 13 @zcy Public
Gate 14 @youmans Public
Gate 15 N/A Public
Gate 16 N/A Public
Add more if need

Terminal 2

Other airlines only

Gate Pilot Signup ways
Gate 57 @CannedPig VO1 Reserved
Gate 59 @wpxjgwfn42 VO1 Reserved
Gate 61 N/A Public
Gate 63 N/A Public
Gate 65 N/A Public
Gate 67 N/A Public
Gate 69 N/A Public
Gate 71 N/A Public
Gate 73 N/A Public
Gate 75 N/A Public
Gate 77 N/A Public
Add more if need

  • If there’s an ATC, please follow his instructions or you will be reported.

  • Please follow the livery restrictions.

  • Detailed flight information will be posted 1 day before the event starts.

  • Ask whatever you don’t know, you can ask here or PM me.

  • Thanks you all for signing up, see you in Shanghai!

—— SimonG

Nice event,can’t wait to fly.😊
Happy Second Anniversary,IFPEO!🎂🥳

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Thanks for flying with us!

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I am very looking forward to flying with IFPEO.Happy IFPEO’s second birthday!

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Okay folks!
This event is starting in 4 hours!!!
Before the event, there are some things that you need to know…


  1. Please follow ATC instructions at any time.
  2. If there’s no ATC, please respect other planes and show courtesy.
  3. Use Unicom appropriately.
  4. Read the PDF below carefully.
  5. Please copy the FPL from me.
  6. Cruising spead should not faster than 0.85M

Any other information is included in the file below, enjoy the reading.


Please enter your gate at or before 1115Z.


Pls copy from me, thx