01AUG21 / 1000Z - Global Air Forces Welcomes 21.4 @ EGVN

Or c130 whatever I am allowed

Ok thanks for the info

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Thank you!

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The C-17 will stuggle if not, will not make it without a stop even with full fuel and no cargo if you fly at the same speed and height as the C-17 physics are not anything like RL

So just take the A333 like everyone else as that is what the event represents

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Ok thanks for the info I will take the A330

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sign me up!!

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Any specific callsigns you want us using?

GAF members will be directed to use a specific callsign. Members of the public are welcome to choose any Callsign related to the military.

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Can you sign me up?

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Can I get a gate as well, please?
My ID is GAF 0381
Thank you


@Susheel_Krishna @Gabriel_Johnson Both of you now added to the list.

Now less than 20 hours to go until the event, theres still a few spaces left for those who haven’t yet joined and I can add more if needed.

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I will take a gate if still able ….


@Jarek_Sydry You’ve got Stand 03, see you there!

I have done this flight with a C-17 with some cargo, the only problem is that it has a slower cruise speed than the A333.

Is it a huge difference? Between the two?

@Skyler.Cooper flies the C17 regularly with GAF so will be able to correct me if incorrect but I would cruise the C17 at M0.78 whilst the A330 will cruise at M0.82.

The C17 does have the range to do the flight in one go however you would need to be completely empty and conservative with your climb rates.

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It can make the flight at its own pace and altitude which is lower the the A333, but if you used it for this flight and did the same speed and altitude as everyone in the A333 then the C-17 won’t make the trip without a fuel stop even with being empty and Conservative

I’ll most likely escort you guys in, don’t think I’ll wake up that early.

Or I’ll probably take off earlier/later.

1 hour until departure

Please start spawning in at 2021-08-01T09:30:00Z

The flight briefing will be posted at 2021-08-01T09:45:00Z

The first aircraft will taxi to the preferred runway at 2021-08-01T09:55:00Z

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@Yasin_S @DuncanNL @Hodders @Levi_Park

Flight Briefing

Departure: EGVN
Destination: KLSV
Aircraft Type: A330-300 Generic Livery
Fuel on board: 60000kg
Pax: 50
Cargo: 5000kg
ACFT load: 61%
Cruising Alt: FL340
Departure Time: 1000z
ETE: tbc
Route: Copy from David (GAF 0479)

Mandatory instructions
Taxi and Takeoff procedure will be as directed by IFATC.
Departure procedure: NAXAT25 SID to NITON.
On takeoff, pilots will fly straight ahead at 180kts to 1000ft and then enable LNAV to intercept the BZN 280 radial to NAXAT. Set VS 2500 and speed 250 until passing 10000ft.
On passing FL100, set N1 to 85%, VS to 2000, and allow speed to climb to 280kts. Change VS to keep speed at 280kts and keep N1 at 85%.
On passing FL280, set VS 800 and speed M082.
Cruising Alt: FL340

Separation: 3nm below 10000ft, 5nm during climb or descent, 8nm during cruise.

Descent will be by VNAV or as directed by IFATC. Arrival procedure is expected to be a straight in approach to Runway 21L/R using the ILS.
A descent and approach brief will be given approx 1:00 before arrival.

Actions on:
Pilots will utilise Unicom and follow flight lead to the runway whilst giving plenty of space to other pilots.

Pilots will maintain 5nm separation during descent and 3nm separation on final approach from other aircraft, and must ensure that runway exits are expeditious but safe.

Flight lead disconnects from server
The first 3 aircraft will be GAF pilots so the next one in line will become the flight leader.