01AUG21 / 1000Z - Global Air Forces Welcomes 21.4 @ EGVN

Join European Air Force as we celebrate 21.4 and the reworked Airbus A330!

The Airbus A330-300 is the largest aircraft in the European Air Force fleet, operated by No.10 Squadron EAF as a long range strategic passenger/cargo transport aircraft. We fly the aircraft in support of EAF operations at home and abroad, as well as on routes to and from overseas territories and bases such as Akrotiri, Ascension and the Falkland Islands.

To celebrate the 21.4 update and the release of the completely reworked A330-300, we’re inviting the community to join us on a special group flight! Join us as we fly the A330 from our home base at RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) to the revamped Nellis Air Force Base (KLSV), now complete with 3D Buildings!

Event Details

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300, Generic Livery

Departure: RAF Brize Norton (EGVN)

Arrival: Nellis AFB (KLSV)

Date / Time: 2021-08-01T10:00:00Z

Flight Duration: Approx 10 Hours


EGVN Parking Pilot
Stand 52 @David_Beckett (EAF)
Stand 53 @James_Harvey (EAF)
Stand 54 @Fat_Albert_512 (EAF)
Stand 55 @Nightstalker (GAF)
Stand 56 @AryaTheLivingMeme (EAF)
Stand 57 @AceCorba (EAF)
Stand 58 @Yasin_S
Stand 69 @william_johnson (EAF)
Stand 68 @Chindle_1204 (EAF)
Stand 66 @Bewilkins22 (GAF)
Stand 64 @DuncanNL
Stand 62 @Hodders
Stand 60 @Levi_Park
Stand 01 @Gabriel_Johnson (GAF)
Stand 02 @Susheel_Krishna (EAF)
Stand 03 @Jarek_Sydry (GAF)
Stand 04 -
Stand 05A -

There are limited suitable parking spaces available at Nellis, so please research before flying and make sure you know where you’re going after landing.


Location Frequency Controller
EGVN Ground @Skyler.Cooper (EAF)
EGVN Tower @Skyler.Cooper (EAF)
EGVN Radar -
KLSV Ground @Skyler.Cooper (EAF)
KLSV Tower @Skyler.Cooper (EAF)
KLSV Radar -

About European Air Force

European Air Force (EAF) is the European division of the IFVARB Certified and award winning military VO, Global Air Forces. We operate 9 different aircraft types in a wide variety of roles, including combat, air refuelling, transport and surveillance.

To see more information about EAF, check out the Global Air Forces VO Thread by clicking our logo below:



Sing me up



Your departure stand is Stand 02, arrival stand is Transient East Spot 3.

See you there!


Kindly sign me up.

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sign me up please

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@Yasin_S @Fat_Albert_512 both of you have been signed up. See the main post for your assigned parking.

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@David_Beckett i will do Tower and Ground services at both airports

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U can put me down for the count.

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Sign me up

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@Nightstalker @AryaTheLivingMeme Both of you have been added to the list of participants!

@Yasin_S Your parking stands have been changed.

Hi @David_Beckett

I would love to join


Please can I have a gate @David_Beckett?


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Lets go !! I will happily take part in this !!

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I’ll be there representing vUSAF forces!

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@AceCorba @Chindle_1204 @william_johnson @Bewilkins22

That’s you all added to the list!

Plenty more space for both GAF and Non-GAF pilots to join.

10x A330s so far… let’s see if my iPad melts.

I probably won’t be awake to depart, but I could bring a Raptor in for escort

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I don’t know if i will be able to join but sign me up please!

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Sign Me up Plz

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C17 is this possible for the flight ? A330 is perfect if not ?

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@DuncanNL @Hodders That’s you both signed up, we look forward to seeing you there!

@Hodders We’ll all be flying Generic A330s, so we recommend you do so as well. That said, we can’t stop you from coming in a C-17, so if you want to fly that then go ahead!