01AUG20 / 1700Z - Three Cities, Three Countries Flyout @ LSZM/LFSB

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Flyout

Today, I bring you an event for an airport known by many yet flown through by few. EuroAirport (LSZM, LFSB) is an international airport located in France near the open borders of Switzerland and Germany. It serves three notable cities in the region: Basel, Switzerland (one mile away), Freiburg, Germany (nearly 30 miles away), and Mulhouse, France (roughly 12 miles away). EuroAirport serves as a focus city for EasyJet and WizzAir, offering nonstop flights to leisure destinations.

Here’s a photo of the airport, credit here.

More Fun Facts
  • You might get a French or a Swiss security officer depending on the lane of security.

  • Swiss authorities can perform actions such as policing in the French territory, and vice-versa.

  • Euros are only accepted in the French sector of the airport, and Swiss Francs are only accepted in the Swiss sector.

  • You can choose whether you’d like to exit the airport in Switzerland or France.

  • This airport has three IATA codes.

Join me in filling up a unique European airfield.


Location 📍: EuroAirport (LSZM, LFSB)
Date & Time 🗓 🕓: 2020-08-01T17:00:00Z
Server 📡: Expert
NOTAMS 📋: Respect unicom, I am not responsible for violations, act like a professional pilot.

Gate Information:

Terminal Map, Airport Chart

All gates depicted are Terminal Gates except the ones circled in red, which are Apron Gates.


Credits: My own, vau.aero, and universalweather.com, respectively.

Terminal Gates
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
T01 Vacant WizzAir Belgrade A320
T02 Vacant WizzAir Tirana A320
T03 Vacant EuroWings Dusseldorf A319
T04 @KSS KLM Amsterdam 737
T05 Vacant Lufthansa Frankfurt A320
T06A @easyWig EasyJet London-GTW A319
T09A @captain-787 Iberia Madrid A321
T11A Vacant WizzAir Warsaw A321
T12A Vacant Turkish Istanbul 739
T14A Vacant Tunisair Djerba A319
T16A @chris_wing TUIfly Tenerife-Sud 738
T17 Vacant Ryanair Dublin 738
T20 Vacant EasyJet Hamburg A320
T22 @dang387 EasyJet Vienna A320
T24 @15shawo EasyJet Manchester A319
T26 Vacant EasyJet Copenhagen A320
T28A Vacant EasyJet Dresden A319
T29A Vacant EasyJet Nantes A319
T30A Vacant EasyJet Toulouse A320
T32A Vacant Vueling Barcelona A319
T34 Vacant Aegean Athens A320
T35 Vacant Brussels Airlines Brussels A319
T37A @ZinZowe British Airways London-LHR A320
T38A Vacant HOP! Paris-CDG CRJ-1000
T39A Vacant TUIfly Rhodes 738
40 Vacant TUIfly Heraklion 738
41 @nick_wing TUIfly Fuerteventura 738
42 Vacant Austrian Vienna A321
43 Vacant EasyJet Pristina A319
44 @tobyc EasyJet Bordeaux A320
45 Vacant EasyJet Tel Aviv A320
46 Vacant EasyJet Edinburgh A320
Cargo Gates
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
F3 Vacant Koreanair Seoul 777F
F4 Vacant Qatar Cargo Doha 777F

Sponsored by:

easyJet Virtual is proud to be sponsoring this event as it’s another great way for the community to get together & that is what we enjoy the most. We have been on the community now for 3 years & we are proud of how far we have come! It will be great if we can see most of you here as this will be a great event!

This is the link to our thread easyJet Virtual Official Thread 2020 l Immerse with Orange realness l


Thanks for viewing this event! Please join if you are interested. I am also accepting sponsorships, if your VA would be a good fit, please PM me!


Sad I can’t come :(. If only…

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I’ll take this gate!

Thanks, you’ve got it!

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Anyone else interested?

New sponsor: EasyJet Virtual! More information inbound.

Thank you for letting us sponsor this event! It’s going to be a good one. Can I please take gate T06A as a standby gate as I haven’t yet got my work schedule for August? Thank you!

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I’ll take T37A to Heathdrow

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You have both been added!

I’ll take this one please! A really cool event!

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Thanks! It’s yours. See you there!

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My home airport! I’ve been waiting for someone to create a EuroAirport fly-out. I’ll take the gate below if possible.

Just to point out that Mulhouse is in France and Freiburg is located in Germany.

I’ll take this gate.

Also this is my home airport so I can’t wait to see it really busy. Also the 1st of August is the swiss national day, so good day to fly.

You’ve both been signed up, and thanks for pointing it out Nick. I’ve fixed the issue.

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Please could I get the EasyJet flight to Bordeaux :)


Please could I get easyJet Gate T24 but to Manchester if possible please :))

Callsign will be EZYVA3


Can i get this gate please?

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You are all signed up!


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