01AUG20 / 1600Z - Long Island Fly-Out @ KISP

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Welcome to Long Island

Geographically, Long Island is made up of 4 counties: Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Most people refer to Long Island as Nassau and Suffolk and Brooklyn and Queens as part of the city. Long Island is home to the first suburbs in America. These suburbs popped up after WWII as veterans and their families decided to escape New York City and head east to suburban life. Combined, Nassau and Suffolk County are home to 2.8 million people.
Many people when they hear Long Island think of the Hamptons. While the Hamptons are indeed part of Long Island far out on the South Fork, there is so much more to LI. Peaceful suburbs, beautiful beaches, picturesque towns, amazing dining, nightlife, mass transit options, business centers, farms, wildlife, etc. all make Long Island an amazing place to live, work, and play. However, I’m not a real estate agent, so enough about Long Island and on to the event.

I look forward to welcoming you to beautiful and unique Long Island for my event.

Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP) is a mid-size regional airport located in central Suffolk County. MacArthur is home to many GA aircraft as well, both jets and propellor planes. There are also multiple FBOs located at the airport. Serving 1.5 million passengers from 2019-2020, it has nonstop flights to 11 soon to be 12 destinations on 3 airlines. Frontier, Southwest, and American Eagle all serve the airport. Below are the airlines and destinations:

American Eagle: Philadelphia (E145)
Frontier Airlines: Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Las Vegas (begins March 2021), Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach (All A320)
Seasonal: Myrtle Beach, Raleigh/Durham
Southwest: Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach (737-700/737-800)

IRL, Frontier operates out of gates B15, B19, and B23 at ISP. American out of A1, and Southwest out of A2-A8. Gates A9-A13 are hardstands.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KISP

Time: 2020-08-01T16:00:00Z

NOTAMS: All Pilots are expected to abide by the Expert Server rules, this includes using Unicom, or abiding by IFATC if present. Ghosting will be enforced.

It is up to the individual Pilot to determine their own flight plan. Assistance will be provided if requested.


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B23 Frontier A320 Atlanta @RoBroStar
B19 Frontier A320 Orlando @NYFLFlyer22
A01L Frontier A320 Fort Lauderdale @RTG113
A01 American CRJ-200 Philadelphia
A02 Frontier A320 Las Vegas @Transport_Hub
A03 Frontier A320 Myrtle Beach @Ross
A04 Southwest 737-800 West Palm Beach @Captain-787
A05 Southwest 737-700 Baltimore
A06 Southwest 737-700 Orlando @ORD777flyer
A07 Southwest 737-700 Tampa
A08 Southwest 737-800 Fort Lauderdale @anon42527263
A09 Frontier A320 Tampa
A10 Frontier A320 Miami
A11 Frontier A320 Raleigh-Durham @GreenFire
A12 Frontier A320 West Palm Beach @Bmoney326
A13 Frontier A320 Fort Myers @Sashaz55

Due to the limited number of gates, I ask that if you sign up for a gate and something comes up where you won’t be able to attend the event anymore, that you please let me know ASAP so I can open that gate up for someone else.

FBO (Jets)

You are free to fly to a destination of your choice for this category. All FBO slots are a C750 with the exception of New York Jet ramp.

Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO SheltAir Ramp 01 CCX KSBP @brennanhackard
FBO SheltAir Ramp 02
FBO SheltAir Ramp 03 CCX KMVY @Ivan0921
FBO SheltAir Ramp 04 Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO New York Jet Ramp Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Mid Island Air Service Ramp C172 VFR @Dylan_M
FBO Mid Island Air Service Hangar 01-01 CCX KPBI @CaptainKyler
FBO Mid Island Air Service Ramp CCX MYEH @Oliver_Willis
FBO Liberty Jet Hanger CCX KPNE @AviatorNikola
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 02
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 03
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 04
FBO Islip Avionic’s Ramp 05
FBO ExcelAire Aviation Ramp 02
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 01
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 02
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 03
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 04
FBO Hawthrone Aviation Ramp 05
General Aviation (Prop Planes - Incl. TBM)

You are free to fly to a destination of your choice for this section.

Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
US Civil Air Patrol Ramp 01 CAP 172 Destination Pilot
US Civil Air Patrol Ramp 02 CAP 172 Destination Pilot
US Civil Air Patrol Ramp 03 CAP 172 Destination Pilot
GA 1 TBM VFR @Jack5101
GA 2 C172 KHPN @Will_A
GA 3 C172 KHPN @Thunderbolt
GA 4 C172 VFR @Pilot_Waters
GA 5
GA 6
GA 7
GA 8
GA 9
GA 10
GA 11
GA 12
GA 13
GA 14
GA 15

Application | Thread | YouTube | Instagram

Note : All Global Airtours pilots will receive a 2x multiplier during this event.

Hop in an airliner and depart for one of the numerous destinations, or hop in your favorite GA aircraft and explore beautiful Long Island, do touch&goes at a nearby airport, or depart to any destination you want!
Let’s show Long Island some love! Hope to see you there! Any questions just ask.
Event host: @RTG113
Event co-host: @Balloonchaser


I’ll take this gate please!

Can I take a Southwest 737-700 down to MCO please thanks!!!

You both have been signed up! Thanks for your interest!


Me me me please!

You have been signed up! Thanks for your interest!

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May I have this flight, please?

You my sir have been signed up! Thanks for your interest!

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Fort Lauderdale, Southwest please! Can’t wait!

Which airline?

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If the terminal fills up quickly I will add a second wave!

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You my man have been signed up! Thanks for your interest!

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An Islip fly out, huh. Well I gotta support my 3rd home airport somehow. I’ll take a Southwest gate to TPA please!

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Hi! Nice looking event, could I have a GA gate for a TBM, callsign G-JABK, for some VFR exploration of long Island?

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You most certainly can! I’ve put you at GA 1. Thanks for your interest!

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I’ll take a FBO spot to KSBP under my callsign N779X. Don’t care which spawn I get. Looking forward to it!

I’ve put you at SheltAir 01! Thanks for your interest!

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I’ll be taking my trusty CCX over to Martha’s Vineyard (KMVY), thanks!

I’ve put you at SheltAir 02! Thanks for your interest!

Put me down on the new route in town, A02 to Vegas!