01AUG20 / 1400Z - Dubai Fly out @ OMDB

Summary: Dubai was made in 1960. It has one full terminal dedicated to the Emirates A380. It’s the fastest growing aviation hub in the world. OMBD has its own built in 5 star hotel which also contains its own zen garden. I have chosen this because of its history where Dubai was originally a desert and the whole city was man made including an island for the wealthy.

Co-owner: @FlyCymru101

Server: Expert

Airport: Dubai Airport (OMBD)

Time: 2020-08-01T14:00:00Z

Rules: You are feel free to pushback and leave when ever but make sure you arrive 15 minutes before hand to get your gate. Remote stands, Cargo, Maintenance and hangers are not available if there is an over flow we will be using terminal 2 but only for an over flow. I hope you enjoy the event.

ATC User
Tower emphasized text

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destinations Pilot
A01 Emirates A380 Kai Tak
A02 Emirates A380 Madrid
A03 Qantas A380 Schiphol
A04 Qantas A380 Paris
A05 Singapore Airlines A380 Singapore @orangePHdeaf
A06 Emirates A380 London Heathrow @Furwani
A07 Qantas A380 Singapore
A08 Thai Airways A380 Kai Tak
A09 Qantas A380 London Heathrow
A10 Emirates A380 Sydney @Infinite_Josh
D01 Thai airways A380 Madrid
D02 Qantas A380 Sydney
D03 Singapore airlines A380 Kai Tak
D04 Qantas A380 Madrid
D05 Air France A380 Paris
D06 Air France A380 Paris
D07 Qantas A380 Schiphol
D08 Emirates A380 Singapore
D09 Qantas A380 London Heathrow
D10 Emirates A380 Sydney

Concourse B
Gate Arline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B14 KLM B787-8 Palma De Mallorca
B15 Etihad B777-300ER Chicago @ORD777flyer
B16 Singapore Airlines B787-10 Kai Tak
B17 Thai Airways A330-300 Paris
B18R Lufthansa B747-8 John F Kennedy
B20 KLM A350-900 Hong Kong
B21L Qatar Airways B787-8 Kai Tak @Titan
B22 Air France B767-300 Kai Tak @FlyCymru101
B23 Qantas B747-400 London Heathrow @CaptainKyler
B24 KLM B767-300 Alice Springs Airport
B25 Qantas B767-300 Madrid
B26R Singapore Airlines A330-300 Singapore
B27 Etihad Airways B787-10 Hong Kong
F27 Lufthansa A350-900 Singapore
F26R KLM B787-10 Singapore
F25 Qantas B787-9 Chennai
F26 KLM B747-400 Manchester
F25 Thai Airways B777-200ER Perth
F24 Qantas B747-400 Cardiff
F23 Thai Airways B747-8 Sydney
F22 Qatar B777-300ER Malaga
F21 Emirates A350-900 Frankfurt
F20 Air France B747-400 Moscow
F19 KLM B777-200ER Hong Kong
F18 Qantas B787-9 Singapore
F17 Qatar B777-300ER London Heathrow

Concourse C
Gate Arline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F13 Etihad B787-10 London Heathrow
F12 KLM B747-400 Hong Kong
F10 Lufthansa B747-8 Moscow
F09 Air France B787-10 Paris
F08 Qantas B767-300 Toulouse Blagnac
F07 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore
F06 Thai Airways B787-8 London Heathrow
F05 Ethiopia Airlines B787-8 Madrid
F04 Qatar B777-300ER Singapore
F03 Ethiopia Airlines B777-200LR Paris
F02 Thai Airways A350-900 Sydney
B01 Qantas B787-9 Palma De Mallorca
B02 Thai Airways B747-400 Hong Kong
B03 Singapore Airlines B777-300ER Singapore
B04 Ethiopia Airlines B777-200LR London Heathrow
B05 Air France B777-200ER Toulouse Blagnac @Bryan
B06 KLM A350-900 Kai Tak
B08 Ethiopia Airlines B787-8 Paris
B09 Ethiopia Airlines B787-8 Moscow
B10 Lufthansa A350-900 Palma De Mallorca
B12 Air France B747-400 Madrid

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C48 KLM B737-900 Madinah
C49 Lufthansa A320-200 Tehran Mehrabad
C50 Air France A320-200 Kandahar
C51 Qantas B737-800 Ben Gurion
C52 Etihad A321-200 King Khalid
C53 Lufthansa A320-200 Islamabad
C54 Qantas B737-800 Islamabad
C55 Air France A320-200 Madinah
C56 KLM B737-700 Islamabad
C57 Etihad A321-200 Ben Gurion
C58 Lufthansa A320-200 King Khalid
C59 Qantas B737-800 Tehran Mehrabad
C60 KLM B737-900 Karachi Jinnah
C61 Lufthansa A320-200 Salalah
C62 Etihad A321-200 Karachi Jinnah
C63 Air France A320-200 Salalah
C64 KLM B737-700 Tehran Mehrabad

Note: Just to let you know if you spot any mistakes please let me know thank you 👍👍

Your photos

Nice event, looks good. see if this works

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I’m taking A05

There’s a lot more foreign airline routes than Emirates routes than I expected…

Also, it’s OMDB, not OMBD. These routes are very questionable.
There are no cargo ramps at OMDB as OMDW covers that.

Those are some… interesting gates. Can I take any C Gate in the Emirates 777-300ER to Brussels?

Can I get B05 777-200 Air France

Uhhhhh, why do you have Qatar and Etihad gates? Lmao these gates are very unrealistic. KLM to Palama De Mallorca? KLM doesn’t even have a B788 IRL

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A06 Emirates A380 London Heathrow
I’ll take this one

Do you think I can somehow get a get a gate to Chicago ORD on an Emirates 777-300ER

Can I have this flight please

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Because Kai Tak was my idea, I’ll take any gate to Kai Tak (not in an a380)

maybe i can join when i get a new tablet

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I have given you a gate go check it out it is a 777-300ER to Chicago 👍

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We don’t have a Brussels flight I can change one if you like

Ok thank you sir

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Qantas 744 Heathrow

Not to be that guy bro, but if you would like to have a significant amount of signups for your event I suggest completely overhauling all of your gates as 95% of them are completely unrealistic.
The reason for this is because many people in the IF community prefer flying realistically.

One of the many examples is that there are Etihad and Qatar gates.
In real life, Qatar Airways is banned from UAE airspace and Etihad is based only at Abu Dhabi not Dubai.

Again this is just my suggestion but you did say to let you know if there are any mistakes okay ;)

If you are going to do that I suggest using these websites to create your gates.


Ok thanks I will bare that in mind for next time I do one

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No problem, we all learn from mistakes 👍


That’s is right practice makes perfect