01 OCT 2022 Majestic Maui flyout! Traning Server

Welcome to the Kahului Flyout! This event is on the 1st of October Please reply below if you would like a gate with the following information: Airline, Aircraft, and Route I pray you can join this event, and see you in the skies!

Please reserve a gate if you are in a 717 up. Gates range from 1-39.
Gates 1-15 are southwest. (ONLY GATES 1-5 AND 33-39 ARE OK FOR WIDEBODIES.)
Gates 15-31 Are Hawaiian, Alaska, And all other airlines.
Gates 33-39 are United, and American.
Gates 1-5 are also United.

OGG-HNL : Southwest 737-800 (738) and Hawaiian 717-200 (712)
OGG-KOA : Southwest 738 and Hawaiian 712
OGG-ITO: Hawaiian 712
OGG-LIH: Southwest 738 and Hawaiian 712
OGG-ORD: United 789
OGG-DEN United 752
OGG-LAX United 739, Hawaiian A333 (Generic), Southwest 738, Hawaiian A321 (Generic) American A321.
OGG-SFO United 739, United 772, Alaska 738, Hawaiian A321 (Generic)
OGG- DFW American 789.
OGG-PHX American 789
OGG-SMF Hawaiian A321 (Generic)
OGG-LGB Hawaiian A321 (Generic)
OGG-SAN Alaska 738

All Commuter flights are to Waimea Airport , Lanai airport, and Molokai island. All on the Mokulele C208.

Cargo flights are to ONT on the 767.

Reply For a route!
Reply for ATC aswell.

Hi! As per the community guidelines, categories have their own specific set of rules.

Original and fun events such as this one are to be posted in the Events category.
Topic linked for more information:

Unfortunately, as you are only TL1, posting in the aforementioned category is not yet possible. Keep liking, commenting and posting, and you’ll reach TL2 sooner than you think :DD

Happy skies :)

~ Jens

Ps. Seeing the work you put in this, I’d advice contacting someone who is TL2+ and perhaps see if they feel like posting the event, also making sure you can co-host the event!

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@Flyin.Hawaiian just shot you a dm! Would love to work with you.

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