01 AUG 20 C-130J Elephant Walk (California Coast)


  • Aircraft and Livery: C-130J


  • Time of Departure: 2300z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Hello fellow aviators! I am hosting an Elephant walk event on 09 AUG, and I would love for you guys to join! A couple of weeks ago, units from Little Rock Air Force base completed a 33x C-130 Elephant walk and it gave me the great idea of doing it on IF! The plan is to take off from Davis Monthan (KDMA) Air Force Base and Fly directly towards San Diego then flying up the coast while doing low speed low levels, then transitioning into an arrival at KLAX. The reason I chose Tucson is because I did not want to clutter LAX and there is plenty of parking room in Tucson. If KDMA gets filled (20 spots), then there is plenty of room at the international airport which is right next to KDMA. I will also try to coordinate with LA Center on the forum so they’re aware so we’re not getting any violations of any sort. NOTE: This is my first Group flight, I actually just got Expert 2 days ago. So, any advice or input is completely open. Also remember that the route is actually TBA, still getting the lay of the land so if anyone has ideas I am open for suggestions. I hope you guys come out and fly some elephants!

Hey! Great idea but group flights must happen within three hours of posting, so you might wanna change that date. 🙃

Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up. I guess I’ll try to do that in a few hours then.

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