0% humidity + 110°F Spotting @ KLAS

It’s been weeks since I went plane spotting due to the non-fun environment for it Vegas typically has in the summer. But I also have never caught the More to Love A321neo in evening lighting so I took a car ride over to the airport to see it.

In other news, Las Vegas opened up the official spotting lot again after 2 years on July 1st so I’ll be spotting there soon, possibly the 10th for the Korean Air inaugural return!

nose cone go brrr

A sleek looking G650 climbing for probably Van Nuys.

My 7th time seeing this jet since 98% of it’s flights are out of Las Vegas.

Anotha JSX E35L

The best alliance departing directly into that giant star we call the sun.

Headed to Paradise, taken in Paradise, Las Vegas

(The actual name of the part of Las Vegas that KLAS in is Paradise, Nevada)

UPS Climbing for Louisville.

The pilots decided to backtaxi runway 26R for an additional 150ft of runway, keep in mind 26R is a 14000ft long runway.


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Everything in this post only screams the fact that it’s a skill issue.


you are the skill issue 😞

You should go spotting at 10:30. My flight departs then. Who cares abt the time 👀

I’ll be doing typical american things on today’s american independance day so I wish ;-;

I wonder how the fireworks will look like climbing out though haha

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Yeah it’ll be cool

For a Finnish-Hong Konger who lived in Macau and prays to your Violet Evergarden shrine on an hourly basis, shut up.


I will take you to america so the malaysian can do american things 😌


Awesome photos Kamryn! The top gun plane is 👌

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Awesome shots mate! 😎

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Sees 0% humidity in the title and cries in Hong Kong humidity

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Hey, 0% humidity in 110 is better than 85% humidity in 105


Nah, don’t you just love walking out your front door into a wall of floating water? 🥲

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I thankfully don’t have to deal with that

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How much runway did they end up using?

I liked every single one of them pretty much the same. Your pictures never fail to impress!

I would say about 7000ft of it, they were just headed to SFO so wasn’t a heavy flight lol

Believe me, I visit Macau about every year during the summer and 90% humidity with 85 degree heat is already deadly lol


Atleast you are missing it right now, way worse than the last couple of years for some bizarre reason

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Silly Alaska pilots. Couldn’t just simply follow the southwest line all the way.

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Funny enough, I haven’t been back since 2019 due to COVID 😂

Not sure why they got to skip the line of 7 for takeoff but I was on LiveATC at the time and heard “Do you need a backtaxi?”

Pilot responds with “Yeah we will need to backtaxi.” Sigma alaska pilots lol

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I haven’t been out since 2019 due to COVID haha

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