0 Frames during Landing

For the past few weeks during final approach I go from perfect frames to basically 0 frames. I canhear the plane and every 10 seconds or so i get some movement but I actually crashed because of this. Current device Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. I didnt have this issue before and my phone has sufficient storage and ram to play this sim. Is there anything I can do to combat this issue? Landings are currently very difficult when the frames drop this badly

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To limit the dropping of frames, and prevent freezing or lagging…

  • Turn down graphics quality

  • Turn down planes that show in live

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection

  • Restarting your device before a flight helps reduce frame drops

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Hi there!
I had the same issue with my Galaxy S8, which is basically the same device. A reinstall helped me. Also, if the traffic is busy, turn your airplane count to low.
Try to set your resolution to 1080p and start the game with the Game Launcher which comes withhin the device. Set it to high performance.
Also, I recommend you to install “Clean Master” and clear up the RAM before every flight.
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Several other users have been reporting similar issues with that device. I recommend you have a look in some of the topics and try some of the solutions provided:

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Getting 30mbps download speed
Plane count is down
I always close apps and restart my phone
By process of elimination I haven’t turned down the graphics so i will try that


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Actually this is brilliant I had my pone on FHD mode and switched it to WQHD. Maybe that is my problem. Will definitely try that thanks.

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Did a test flight just now and everything was flawless. I didn’t have to reinstall the app or format my phone. I just turned the graphics down and that worked. Also I changed my phone from WQHD to FHD. I didn’t have to drop it down to 1080p mode.

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Don’t use HUD1 and/or the on screen map for cockpit mode.

I had tested with different views and it was the same result. I found the flying outside of cockpit view was better but I cant land like that as im not able to see my instruments.

HUD view is the best imo

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Still strange. I have got the S8 and can play with the highest-graphics-settings smoothly, even on 1440p (if there’s heavy traffic and begins to lag a bit). And I don’t understand what you mean. You dropped it down to FHD and NOT 1080p? 1080p is FHD.
Try to fly with the highest settings on FHD and see what happens.

Oh i thought the fhd was 1080. So what is HD+. Anyway the more i think about it, it is strange that i would have to turn down any settings at all. The s8+ has beast certification. I haven’t really done any flights since then only a few short hops to get my landings up but so far no lag so i’ll take what performance now and run with it i still enjoy the sim.

HD+ is 720p. I recommend you to factory-reset your device since this helped a lot of other people. As you said, the S8 family is a beast. You should be able to run it on the highest settings as I am doing.

Delete any apps that you don’t use anymore to free up space.

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