Flight Welcome to the home of Flight Tutorials where you can explore official and community leader tutorials. New to Infinite Flight or want to sharpen your skills? Here you'll learn how to taxi, communicate with ATC, take off, land, navigate the skies, and much more! ATC Welcome to the ATC Tutorials subcategory where you can find Official Air Traffic Control Tutorials along with verified community leader tutorials. You'll find everything from how to taxi aircraft to working the busiest of airspace from behind the radar scope!
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Infinite Flight FAQ

The staff and community members have spent a lot of effort creating valuable tutorials. Please take a moment and explore the #tutorials category to help you on your Infinite Flight journey. Below you will find a collecti…

4 October 18, 2019
About the Tutorials Category

The Tutorials Category This is the category for tutorials for the Infinite Flight app. Here you can find official tutorials by Flying Development Studios alongside tutorials posted by our TL3 members. You must be TL3 t…

3 March 21, 2018
Joystick Support in Infinite Flight 602 November 17, 2019
VNLK operation (Lukla) 25 November 14, 2019
A Guide To Creating Events 12 November 8, 2019
Using the 737-800/900 Flaps 24 October 27, 2019
ATC Manual

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL MANUAL The Official Air Traffic Control Manual is now available to the public and should be used as the main resource for ATC procedures, information, and guidance. The manual contains informatio…

1 July 4, 2019
Infinite Flight for Dummies: Flying in Formation 14 October 22, 2019
Moonshot Tutorial 30 October 22, 2019
Flight Following / Radar Vectors / ILS approach / Check In What are the differences? 28 December 24, 2018
A guide to appealing ghosts 111 October 19, 2019
Crosswind Landing

Whether you’re facing a wicked crosswind straight across the runway or a light breeze just off the nose, your technique must be correct and precise! In this tutorial I’ll show you the two main crosswind techniques, the c…

2 October 19, 2019
How To Make ATC Tracking Threads 21 October 12, 2019
How to fly a holding pattern 41 July 13, 2018
[REDONE] NZQN procedures (Queenstown) 43 October 7, 2019
Pilot Replay Guide 19 October 5, 2019
How to manage your replays 73 September 25, 2019
Crosswind Takeoff Tutorial 2 October 19, 2019
How to descend (For Beginners) in a simple way 88 September 22, 2019
Aerial Refueling Tips, Tricks, & Information 66 September 18, 2019
Understanding METAR 19 September 8, 2019
APPR/Autoland Tutorial 2 September 7, 2019
Parallel Departures: Good Pilot Etiquette 24 July 24, 2019
How can I find my grade table? 12 September 4, 2019
Service ceiling for all aircraft in Infinite Flight 2 24 August 31, 2019
Understanding SIDs, STARs & IAPs 15 August 31, 2019
Crosswind Take Offs and Landings 13 August 28, 2019
How to compute the TOD (Top of Descent) - Thumb rule 65 August 22, 2019
The New A3XX Cockpit: Explained 118 August 20, 2019
When do I request a transition? 25 August 17, 2019