New Rules: Screenshot and Videos Category (7)

Hey everyone! There is now a new template in the #screenshots-and-videos category. This is designed to help reduce the number of topics that have had no effort put into them. The topics in this category must now adhere …

A Beginners Guide to the Forum (3)

Hey! Welcome to the Infinite Flight community. This is your beginners guide to all things forum. It will teach you how to use the forum features, what all the terminology means, and also will guide you through the rul…

Why have I not reached TL* yet? ( 2 3 ) (58)

Hello! We’ve been seeing an increase in topics regarding why some of you haven’t reached a certain trust level, so i thought i’d just give you a short explanation of why this might be the case. Most of the topics I’ve …

Flagging Guidelines 2018 ( 2 ) (21)

Flagging Guideline Reminder It seems about time for a gentle reminder about how to use the flagging feature on this forum. The feature is designed to aid moderators in their ability to keep the forum running in a smooth…

About the Meta Category (3)

The Meta Category This category is for topics relating to the workings of the forum itself. For in-app related issues, please see the #support category. Please feel free to ask questions, even ones that may seem simpli…

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